We run some cool ass places

Like the Ditch Trail, pictured on the left. We ran this trail a lot to train for the Arnold Half Marathon, and then for the Honolulu Full Marathon. Finished both, by the way! Next up is a Spartan Race (BEAST) and then an Ultra.

Completed Races

  • San Francisco Half Marathon, 13.1 miles, ~800ft elevation gain
  • Arnold Half Marathon, 13.1 miles, ~3000ft elevation gain, rain
  • Honolulu Marathon, 26.2 miles, ~800ft elevation gain, record heat

We do epic stuff

In addition to offroad racing, we do badass things like rappelling, riding dirtbikes, quads, turbo side by sides. Sara has a pilot’s license and even has some helicopter stick time. Know someone else that has rappelled 130 feet down a waterfall into a river? If you do, hook us up. There’s always room for more rappelling friends.


Sometimes, we’ll go hike 38 miles into the most desolate reaches of the state to go spend a few nights. Thousands of feet of elevation gain and lots of miles get you to some epically beautiful locations. And yes, Balu carries his own gear.


Sara was once a dinosaur at King of The Hammers, has literally been bitten by a wolf, and has had a random hummingbird land on her on two separate occasions.