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    We do some rad sh*t. And sell some cool tshirts along the way.

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Local to Sonora, and we do RAD SH*T all the time.


Definitely rad

Your mom

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About Us

We race. We run. We rock crawl. We fabricate. We design cool things for fun. We make team gear (for our race team – Bandito Racing) and tshirts that we want to wear ourselves. We even design things for our friends (like Kellogg Trophy Hunts, Favela Fabrication and Sonora Run Club). Check out the different product categories in order to see what we’ve designed.

Go read about our race team, Bandito Racing.

You won't regret it. We're pretty neat.

Check out our latest radical ideas

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  • Favela USA tshirt

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  • Favela black & white tshirt

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  • Let’s Rub Doors

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  • Favela black & white hoodie

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  • MY LAST FUCK, oh look, it’s on fire

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  • Spartan Leggings (BARON)

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  • Dark Boho Skull Octopus t-shirt

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Some cool sh*t that we do:

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